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FabLab Libya  is one of CSO’s that was selected from Expertise France to implement the project of capacity building which is  a part of  European Union for private sector in libya “EU4PSL” project .

EU4PSL project is interested in supporting  women entrepreneurs in Libya and improves Libya’s business environment in order to generate economic growth and job opportunities in particular for the youth and women.

the members of the organization whom  participated in the project were given the opportunity to obtain 10 training courses provided by Expertise France which enhance the selected CSO’s capacities: Training design, mentoring, peer to peer learning…. This CSO’s capacities Training is also a step to enchor that the selected  organizations will Perfects  the second aim of the project which is to select and train 12 entrepreneurs women to offer to them technical assistance in order that they gain capacities, skills, and the ability to manage their businesses in line with international standards

Had two winers “Nisreen Ahmed Hussein Al-Faraitis” and ” Rehab Fathy Saleh Bousedra”

Fab lab organization will provide a 6-month acceleration program to 6 Libyan start-ups , and aid them with Financial financing  Worth 5000 euros.

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