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From Idea to Company Workshop Series

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Started on 7 March 2020

It is a series of 6 workshops that were conducted with sponsorship of Expertise France as past of “EU4PSL” project . It is considered among entrepreneurship workshops which the foundation takes care of and dedicate time and specialized experts to deliver the lectures and direct the discussions which enrich the ideas and opinions to support entrepreneurship idea which if spreaded as a public culture will contribute in wide scale in lifting national economy of the Libyan state and in creating a productive community well aware of the importance of work , production and innovation . Based on this the foundation hosted Dr. Amal Asheriff to deliver a valuable lecture on entrepreneurship essentials in an atmosphere of positive discussion and remarkable interaction from audience . The workshop main topics can be summarized as :

  • Introduction on entrepreneurship
  • What are the most important qualities of an entrepreneur
  • Life cycle of a startup company
  • Effective success stories
  • Libyan system for entrepreneurs

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