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Arduino Club

    National Robotics Championship


    Our organization has adopted since the first day of the announcement of the national activity of Robot wishing to participate in the Academy and support its ability, where the lab and its engineers participated in the teams. He has registered and trained 10 teams from Benghazi only since he withdrew due to circumstances beyond their control 3 teams, and we shared the rest of the teams with two teams under the age of 13 Year and three teams of high school students who were trained during their exams and two teams of students (Benghazi University and the Technical College – Qawarsheh) despite the lack of time and the participants’ exams and the lack of possibilities. (As we know there is no electronic stores in Benghazi) But the participant was one of the insistence, challenge and spirit of high participation in the first national campaign in Libya, but a dream achieved a recent thanks to the organization of HXA CONConception # Thank you
    Also, do not forget to thank the official supporter of our presence in this shell


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