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Entrepreneurship contest 6×6 under the logo “We want a female entrepreneur “

A contest launched by the foundation as part of “EU4PSL” project to support Libyan woman empowerment to become entrepreneurs and to assist her to establish her own project . Up to 143 contestants had been registered . The selection process resulted in 29 contestants who passed to personal interview stage which were in-person or over the internet subject to circumstances of those residing outside Benghazi . Evaluation criteria was based on “entrepreneurial personality” and “entrepreneurial project” , after the evaluation process 5 best projects were selected , and they are :

  1. “Miras” project for entrepreneur Hawa ElJehiemy  – Benghazi

(Which is a service company for organizing conferences , seminars and activities )

  • “In your service” project for entrepreneur Nisreen Elfritees – Derna

(which is a service project that offers multiple services such as taxi , cleaning and maintenance of cars and purchases delivery )   

  • Plastic recycling project for entrepreneur Hanan Ahmad  – Alkufra

(Build up a factory for plastic recycling and providing new plastic products )

  • “Moments” project for entrepreneur Rehab Fathi – Benghazi

(Which is about producing commemorative figure for a new born’s hand and foot  )

  • Bookshops app project for entrepreneur Hajer Abdullah  – Benghazi

( which is a project that connects Libyan bookshops in one application and cares for providing and delivering books to client )

If you are interested to volunteer to FABlab Libya and would like to work with us!