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Build your box workshop ( 3D Maker )

A workshop carried out by FabLab Libya as part of 3D Maker series . The purpose of it is to offer a unique experience for a group of youth participants . Through this workshop (3D Maker) the participants were introduced to a modern technology which has multiple applications in variant fields . The workshop included :

  • Types of machines used in printing
  • Programs used to execute
  • Special box making using Laser Cutter (CNC)

Due to what the foundation provides of equipment and tools and an integrated lab , this facilitated for the workshop participant youth  to use them , also it provided them with a suitable work space to build their own special prototypes which they can see in reality . Additionally they learned the basics of fabrication using Laser machine (CNC) .

At the end of the workshop , every participant got his own built box .

If you are interested to volunteer to FABlab Libya and would like to work with us!