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“The Makers” project, launched by the Fab Lab Foundation last month, aims to empower freelancers by providing them with digital manufacturing skills that can be turned into sustainable livelihoods. The project includes three main areas: 2D manufacturing, 3D manufacturing, and graphic design.

In the 2D Fabrication course, participants learn the basics of 2D design and manufacturing using open-source software, particularly Inkscape. Through these training exercises, they master creating their own designs and shapes, and explore the diverse applications in this field, such as jewelry, furniture pieces, and various artworks. Participants also have the opportunity to learn how to use the CNC laser cutting machine, through which they transform their digital creations into tangible objects.

This project is implemented in partnership with the United Nations Migration Agency and with support from the European Union.

If you are interested to volunteer to FABlab Libya and would like to work with us!